Voodoo2 or TNT ot Savage3D or G200 or i740 or whatever some combinations?



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I am going toupgrade my computer to PII 350 or K6-2 400 with 128MB RAM.
I dont know what would be the best solution for those configurations?
I have heard, that TNT is very good but doesnt have good drivers, the same about Savage3D, that Voodoo2 is quite good but the image quality is worse and the resolution is bordered,that i740 is built for PII and is the best for this processor(better the V2,TNT ..) and that G200 is not that good.
I would like also to what are the best combinations of some grafic cards and 3D accelerators? And should I buy the PII 350 or K6-2 400 or wait for K7 or Intel processors with KNI (coopermine or katmai).I have now P200 MMX 64MB RAM what is the best card for this configuration?
Thanx for help and patience by answering all this questions.

Hi SoundZ

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You sound like me....I have a p200mmx 64 ram and i just bought the STB Velocity 4400 TnT card last month, and i am building a K62 400 with 128 pc100 ram right now. The TnT board has made a huge impact on the way i can play games now. If you read what others have to say about the TnT, it is a wise choice...at least i think it is. There are a few companies that have the TnT, but i would stick with STB cuz of the regular driver updates and warranty


The TNT has great drivers. I have it running in Win 98 and NT 5.0 beta. It is fast.
The Savage 3d sounds fast, but all i read about are problems. All the features in the world don't matter if you can't get it to run correctly. I've never been too big on 3dfx. They are fast, but the image quality is very lacking. The G200 is a good offering, but not quite fast enough for the cost. i740 is waaaay too slow, but it is cheap( Get what you pay for) I'd go with the STB Velocity . It is fast ,and will keep pace with upgrades.