Voodoo 5, Voodoo 3, and GeForce 256



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Hello everyone,

I am going to ask a few questions, so please bare with me.

1. What are your opinions of the GeForce 256 Card?

2. Is a Voodoo 3 better than the before mentioned card?

3. Is there significant speed increase from Voodoo 3 to Voodoo 5?

4. Where can I download the V5 drivers to try to update a V3's drivers?

thanks everyone!


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Well, the V3 is not as good as a GeForce-card, of course not

I mean, its 50 % more expensive, and has heck of a speed!
BUT, the Voodoo 3 3000 agp rocks a$$! I have one on my AMD k6-2 550 mhz 128 mb ram machine, and I get 45 fps in Unreal Tournament CONSTANTLY! V3 3k agp rocks!!
It is very fast (faster than a TNT2 Ultra), but has max 16 bit color support, but that isnt anything that bad, since if you're going to play a game, lets say Soldier of Fortune, on resolution 1024x768, you are going to drop about 20 fps if you play it at 32 bit color than 16 bit. And it's almost only textures in games that is affected by color-bit, but not that much.
And yes, there's a significant speed increase between the V3 and V5, but also a significant price raise

The V5 really costs about 2-3 times more than a V3, and personally I think a Geforce card would be better choice INSTEAD OF A V5.

If you got 500-mhz system, 128 mb ram go for the Voodoo 3 3000 agp, you will be happy with it


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I currently have the GeForce 256 in my Dell computer... specs below:

Dell PIII 800
256 MB Ram
40 GB HD
DVD and buncha other stuff

But my main reason for asking is this. Since receiving me new Dell, I have seen a lot of areas relating to video that are causing problems that I never had with the V3 on my old PII 450. You would think with an upgrade in every area of my PC, the gaming would be faster... however, in Half-Life and in NFS4, I am not liking what I am seeing. I noticed that the GeForce does not support OpenGL or Glide? but only Direct3D and Software Rendering.

Anyone else have any thoughts?? Thank you for your thoughts VanDamage.


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Hey the GeForce 256 has OpenGL and Direct3D and some more cool stuff. You better check the www.nvidia.com site to download the new drivers for it, and if it wont work, you better ask in their support. But it really should, and if not, you maybe have installed the card the wrong way?


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1. Don't have any, but for what I have read, great card, once you manage to make it work properly

2. The GeForce will crush the V3 on performances, but the V3 will of course be cheaper. So, both are better than the other on at least one aspect

3. No comparison possible, the V5 is much more powerful and furthermore V5 does much more stuff than V3 (32 bits modes, bigger texture sizes, FSAA and the like)

4. Check out some older posts in this forum, you should find some links. From my own experience, the drivers that give the best perf to date are the 1.04.00 (at least for my machine)


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geforce is way faster and has better graffics.
my voodoo3 2000pci sucks A$$
and the voodoo5 is probably like twice as fast as the voodoo3 with better graffics