Voodoo 3000, problem in Half Life



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I'm having problem in Half Life with voodoo3.
When I go under water........
Have a Look at these two screen shots
One taken with v3 and one with Riva TNT
First one with Voodoo3000 , When you look at the second shot, you can see how Riva TNT displays very clear water.


is this something I have live with as long as I own v3?

Note: I have all the latest driver/patch

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I've heard about this problem before. I hate to ask, but are you sure you have the latest patch for the game? The latest is for Half Life. I'm not sure about the version for the voodoo drivers, but I think it's the HalfLife patch that will fix it. Doesn't sound like much, but I hope it helps.


Well...I think...You will see it blurly and dark with voodoo3, right?...It sure would happen because you are in the water...If you, your self in water...you couldn't see at all...looks like voodoo3 image is quite realistik...Does it happens only under water!?But If you want see clearly under water you should do some tweaking like gamma correction...brightness..and other stufff.I myself using tnt can see it clearly but if it tooooo deep it will be like voodoo3 of yours but not that worst..try contacting the 3dfx company