VooDoo 3/3500TV



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Just a reminder: while the video capture quality on the card is limited to 320X200, the tuner on these cards makes them a nice addition to a mid-range gaming/entertainment system.

Their speed (183/183) is more than sufficient to handle current games, they have reasonable overclocking headroom, and they work better than most with low-end CPUs.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that there are a number of companies selling them off at about $85 delivered. Yes, I know I could probably get a few more frames out of a GF256/SDR, or a GF2/MX for about the same money, but I've really wanted a card with a cable ready tuner for a while (sometimes I get entertainment starved while surfing...it's an A.D.D. thing
). I was able to find a retail-boxed version for $80.95 delivered. It will be replacing my V3/2000, which I have been pretty happy with, so I'm not worried about hating the performance.

I don't know how low they will go before they dry up, but I decided that this was low enough for me.

Free advice, and worth every penny.