Voodoo 3 3000 Problems



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Here's my system:
AMD K6-2 [email protected]
Tyan S1590S Mobo
128 MB RAM
Diamond Sonic Impact S90 Sound Card
Voodoo 3 3000 Video Card

I just bought the video card today and I have to say I'm not that impressed yet. My desktop looks ok but when I try to play games (specifically Rougue Spear and Rainbow Six) the display looks smushed in on each side (there is about 1-2 inches of black on each side). And the video in the beginning looks like crap. I haven't tried any other games because I know I'm doing something wrong. My ATI expert 98 pci with 8MB of RAM looked and responded much better than this. PLEASE HELP!!



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ok a couple of problems ,

#1 if you have black on the edges this because you have not adjusted your monitor with the new video card,this will happen with any vid card replacement.Cure=simply switch your desktop from 640x480 to 800x600 and adjust your monitor so no black on the edges are showing ect....then go to 1024x768 do the same and so on and so on,adjust all resolutions on your desktop.

#2 install drivers correctly-go to display/adapter change to standard vga,then apply then install voodoo3 drivers newest one preferably from 3dfx.com.

#3 games are getting more and more complicated with vid card setups,so you may have to re-install the games ,due to the fact that you installed them using your old vid card and now are trying to run them with voodoo drivers ect....

Give it a shot im pretty confident this will cure your problems but if not or you need further help ,post a messege I will be glad to help.At worst we may have to edit your registry to get rid of your old vid card drivers.One last thought you must enable all agp settings in your mother board bios,like agp turbo,ect... get them going you need them for the card to work properly ,alsoyou need to install AGP DRIVERS for your mother board,otherwise its not going to work.You can get the latest agp drivers from your m/b vendors website...............


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Thanks for you help!!!
Adjusting my monitor for each setting did the trick (duh), and I'm currently downloading the most current drivers now.

I see everyone talking about fps, can you tell me of a good benchmarking program? or a program to tweak my card?

Thanks again, I was about to throw the pc accross the room.