Voodoo 2 + New monitor



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Hi, I just purchased a new ViewMate 17" monitor. I had an old 13 inch one before running at 800 x 600 @ 60hz. All games that required the usage of my Creative Labs voodoo 2 card worked fine like Half-Life etc. Now with my new monitor, all the games that require the usage of my v2 card freezes upon loading or have distorted graphics in the game. I have updated both my drivers for my Voodoo 2 card and my video card. What could be wrong? My specs are:
Hewlett Packard 8380
PII 400 mhz
96 megs

Thanks Henry


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Are you sure that the monitor is the only thing you changed? It really shouldn't affect all that much. If you are running win98, make sure you selected the corrcet monitor. 98 should have picked it up, but you never know...