Voltage setting?



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Before you read any furthur check out my specs below.....now should I bump up my voltage switch on my power supply. It's at like 115..the next setting is like 250-300 or something like that. But i was wondering because all my games are running real slow even though I blow the minimum and recommended requirements out of the water. Just wondering.

AMD K6-2,
475Mhz,Gigabyte mobo,128mbRAM,
Annihilator 2, Soundblaster LIVE!


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No don't do that, the other voltage setting is for europe etc where we have a mains voltage of between 220 to 240 volts AC.

It is easier to make a PSU that will do both then you can sell it almost anywhere in the world.

A PSU won't cause your problem however just crashing or instability. You have a driver issue with either the Mobo, (if it has a via chipset) or the graphics card, Direct X maybe.

You need to give us more info, like was it ok before, and what drivers and OS you are using