VisionTek's AGP GeForce256 DDR graphics



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Well all of the Geforce DDR cards use the same exact Nvidia reference PCB design, the same 6ns Infineon DDR RAM, and the same Geforce 256 GPU unit. One would also probably choose to use the Nvidia reference drivers, too.

The only real difference between the multiple brands of Geforce DDR cards is the heatsink, games bundle, and extra TV features or lack thereof.

Does that answer your question?

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well dose that mean that this is a good video card.I though DDR was 5.5ns

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THough it is hard to find benchmarks, here is where one is for that card:

I don't have the DDR version, but I do have the SDR and GeForce II cards from them, and they have worked great for me.

Freon is right though, no bundle. Just a driver CD w/WinDVD added on. But, I rarley play games that come with stuff anyhow.

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