VISIONTEK Xtasy 5632



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According to the site this card can be bought for $65.

"VISIONTEK Xtasy 5632 GEFORCE2 GTS-V 4X/2X 32MB AGP - OEM This VGA card offers high performance based on the GeForce2 GTS-V chipset and 32mb 256 bit DDR memory. Visiontek is the only Nvidia board partner to offer this card"

However, there is no other reference to this card on the internet (i.e., not on the Visiontek site or any other site) other than on the site.

What is a GTS-V chipset?


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I emailed the Visiontek support and received a table that shows the differences. Can't figure out how to insert the MS Word Table into this box so I'll just type it. The info in parentheses are for the GTS-V chipset, the info without parentheses are for the regular GTS chipset.

Data Rate: DDR (DDR)
Memory Bus: 128-bit (128-bit)
Chip Clock: 200 MHz (175 MHz)
Memory Clock: 166 MHz (143 MHz)
Memory Access Time: 6ns (6ns)
Memory Bandwith: 5.3 GB/s (5.3GB/s)
Ramdac: 350MHz (350MHz)

No info on how much the descreased Chip Clock and Memory Clock speeds effects Framerates.

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i got this card from newegg to replace my v3 the stock speed of 175 and 286 i got around 6200 on 3dmark2k and 2600 in 2k1 with a duron [email protected] the core at 200 and the memory at 305 i got 6726 and 2889 but this is with the duron at 980.mine has 7ns chips on it.and i was using the 21.83 dets

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