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Got it about a week ago, but i'm angered that I cannot enable Fast Writes or Side Band Addressing, YES I know that I will not get much more performace out of it, but I want all possible features out of my 300 dollar card! I've tried formating, changing the BIOS, using different VIA drivers...... I read something about changing the AGP driving Control in the BIOS, but dont know what setting to apply. HELP ME OUT GUYS !

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i know you said that you want everything out of the card, but i really dont think its worth the hassle... at most you gain maybe 1-2fps and you probably will lose a bit of stability if you turn the settings on. (qouting something i read a while ago)

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I believe that they state in the above faq that none of the geforce cards support side band addressing. In fact they point out that it could be one of the things causing problems with using the cards.

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