Virus on partiton table!!! How to rid?



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My harddrive is plagued w.viruses. I have managed to clean most, but some attached to windows sytem files cannot be cleaned. Also I have a boot.generic virus on the partition table and cannot clean it..will a format take care of the problem? Also I can't get into FDISK to dlete the partitions...any help is appreciated!


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wow! those things are unbelievable huh?
anyway get a clean bootdisk and boot off that and run fdisk /x off that if that doesn't work try reseting the cmos that would be what i would try to do if all else fails FORMAT C: /U
hope it works Derrick


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If you have this problem again, try booting from a clean bootdisk and using FDISK /MBR. That rewrites the master boot record code, and should wipe any partition table viruses. Don't do this if your hard drive is compressed with anything other than Drivespace, or if you have more than 4 partitions on the drive.