Viper V770 Problems



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I am having problems running Forsaken, Half-Life, Quake II, and Unreal on my system.

I have a PII 450, 96Mb SDRAM, and the V770 (32mb). Supposedly the V770 supports OpenGL and DirectX, but any application that utilizes this will nopt run. I can start the program, but after that it locks up. I have tried everything I can think of. Thanks.


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Ok Daubstr here we go .I have the same system but a Ultra and had the same problems as have a bunch of people.My MoBo is a Abit BH6.the problem is every time you activate anything with 3d then the big freeze,right?
Its not required to have the detonator drivers for your card to work but they are 500% faster in everything and really support GL.They are Detonater 208 found at Nvidia,also you can get a great free tweaking utility to OC you card and ajust alot of settings called (tntclk) found at and other sites.

First go into Bios and set APG Aperture size to 4 mb then select F10 and reboot.If that does or doesnt work then post back with MoBo type,OS,and your Bios make.ILL be in tonight.
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The problem could also be that the game you are running does not the configuration file the card has for it. I find that some games do not like the fog table enabled. If fog table is on I either get a freeze or the game jumps back out to the windows desktop. These settings can be found in display/properties/advanced.