Viper V550 or ATI All in Wonder?



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I'm planning to invest in a new computer soon. The system comes with ATI All-in-wonderpro video card. But I have heard many wonderful things about Diamond Viper 550. I'm confused whether Viper is a multimedia video card or a game card. If I buy a system with Viper 550 card, can I run programs like Photoshop 5.0? Anyone please advise me about. If you can, please also explaing what is the difference between the 2 cards.



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Your posting in the wrong section, but i'll still help ya out.

The viper 550 will run photoshop fine, probably alot better than the all in wonder. What the all in wonder card has that the viper v550 is the following:
The all in wonder has tv-in (not just tv-out like the v550), hardware dvd decoding, and a tv-tuner all built in. It also does everything else the viper does, just not as well. The all-in-wonder pro is an old card now, yesterdays technology. You would be best off not getting one right now, unless the items that I listed are very important to you, and you dont want to have to give up more pci slots for a dvd decoder or a tv-tuner card.

The viper is a 2d office and 3d gaming card. It does both very well (and better than the all in wonder pro), but it does not have all the extra features that the all in wonder pro has. If these features are not important, get something else, If they are important, there are better choices out on the market right now. Such as the Matrox g-200 Marvel. Or even wait untill the All-in-Wonder 128 comes out based on the rage 128 chipset.