viper 770 ultra making funny lines



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ok well i just rebuilt my pc into another case and everything is working except my diamond viper 770 ultra (TNT2) makes crazy colours and lines as soon as i turn the machine on.
I can't see a normal screen at all...just crazy lines and colours.

Anyone have an idea on what this could be ???

It works fine with an S3 Trio pci card i i went into bios but could find anything out of the ordinary.

Maybe i missed something in there.

My mobo is an AOpen AX6B+

this system worked fine in my old case.



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I believe that's something to do with your videocard....... since the same thing happened to me before with my CLTNT2U.....
Double check your videocard to see if there's any broken or bend part. If that doesn't solve the problem then you should do it my way: send it back to Diamond for a new one!