Wayne Simmonds

As many have probably already posted replies regarding this in the past I hope not to annoy too many people.

I swapped a couple of beers for some computer parts of which one is a "videoExcel"
S3 VIRGE/DX 2mb video card. The guy I got it from says he lost the install software.
It USX biggy because windows '95 won't allow me to change the screen mode to ANYTHING else with the crappy s3 drivers it loads.

does ANYbody have a copy of the TRUE videoExcel drivers for this card?
Please?? ;-)

BTW I am using it in an OLD p75 for my niece who is not a big computer buff as yet. My Computer is a LOT better than this...



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try and if you can't find it just spend $35 and get a 4 mb s3 verge. It is a really good video card for the "non-computer buff".