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AMD-K6 166MMX, MTech MoBo, 32mb, S3d ViRGE 325 video board 4mb, Win95, Sony Trinitron SVGA monitor. System had a virus that had a 'deltree' command in it. My tech guy reloaded Windows95. Most of the hard drive seemed to be ok though, Office 97 and games were intact. After reloading (on another monitor) the distortion appeared. Worse on 24 bit colors, livable on 16 bit. Intensifies the more apps that a running, and always with Java applets. Often appears behind a window that I closed. Sometimes can be cleared off if I can scroll image off screen the back on. Looks like vertical jagged lines, sometimes like a scattering of colors, and really bad distortion the more Java applets that have been opened and closed. Will always refresh and clear out after rebooting. The drivers on S3's site are the same dates that I already have, tried them anyway, no change. Card appears ok, and don't understand why it would suddenly go bad. Coming to the conclusion that I have bad command files or something- this gets beyond my knowledge at this point. Don't have the Win95 discs anymore, considering Win98 upgrade and hoping it would rewrite the any bad spots. Think I should do a total reformatting and start over? Any help would be appreciated, and will check site every couple of days. Thanks.


I would definitely just reformat the drive and start fresh . That way you know if it is an O/s problem, a driver problem, or a hardware problem.