Video Cards/Processor Strength



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I keep hearing about how the TNT cards are not good with processors less than ~333 P2.
I have a 233 MMX P5 and wanted to try the TNT board like a Viper 550/STB 4400.
What is it that actually happens with a slow processor......Does it just not get the full use of the card or does is your processing speed sacrificed for other uses (2D) or what ? Some have mentioned they have used these cards with slower systems without any problems ...??


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Basically what that means is that the performance of the card is CPU-limited. Buy a faster CPU and your game performance will increase in direct proportion. The TNT is good even on a 300MHz K6-2, but to get the most out of your card you want something a fair bit faster. I have seen a lot of different framerates for the TNT and as CPU speed increases, the framerate just goes up. and up. and up. You may be happy with it on your 233, but don't expect to get whopping great framerates or silky smooth gameplay at all times.


I'm running a dual PentiumPro 180Mhz with a STB VElocity 4400 TnT. IT is fast. If it is not maxed out on a slow processor, then great, that means it will last me that much longer. And with the way CPU prices are falling, I'd rather buy a new CPU than another video card in a short time.

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I have a p200mmx with the STB Velocity4400 pci. I can say that my gaming is excellent and i am very pleased with the TnT on my old processor. I am building an AMD 400 k62 right now, and plan to buy another STB TnT to put on it.Where do i find the Quake2 time demo to test FPS?