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hiya all.....

i am running an intel 810 chipset and finding that the graphics available just do not cut the mustard. i want to upgrade the card to something, preferably with the most compatability, but must be able to cut it big time with the 3d games. my problem is that it must be a pci card, as there are no agp slots avail. on my motherboard.

can anyone advise me??

if nothing else, is there anyway to tweak the 810 for better performance??


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Well if you want an affordable , yet VERY good video card, get the one i have.... i have a tnt2/vanta... its pci and it has 16 megs of ram. i picked it up for 50 bucks! or there is a 32megs version, which i suggest you should get, as it would be better at playing games.... i think the 32 meg version is around $70.....

or an even better solutoin would be a regular tnt2... even though they really arent much different than the vanta. benchmarks can prove that.

im not too sure how good a v3 3000 is, but i bet they work pretty good.

Honestly though, i like the tnt2 cards..... they are very high quality.... hey i just got my vanta running at 140mhz core frequncy and 160mhz memory frequncy..... THATS A LOT FASTER than the default settings, which are 100mhz core, and 125mhz mem....and i dont even have a fan on it!

it performs beautifully... i play carmageddon 2 liquid smooth, and i only have a pII 300 with 64megs of ram!!!!!!

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Triton2, I have virtually an identical system to you, exept i have the 32MB version of that card. It cost £63.33 (GBP) which is about $100 (USD) including P+P from It's excellent, I play the Q3A demo in 800X600, medium textures, 32-bit colour, high detail, and it's as smooth as silk and looks great. The Vanta is a great card!


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Go for the Voodooo3 2000 PCI. It is cheap, supports Glide, OpenGL, and DirectX. If you have any games from last year or older, Glide was pretty common and the only thing used befor last year pretty much. They are very easy to install and run VERY fast. They do not support 32bit color, but with your system that should make that much differance. I use a K6-2 448 (4x112), 128MB SDRAM (at 75Mhz) and a Voodoo3 2000 AGP (at 166Mhz). I run Quake3 at 1024x768 with max everthing at 32 fps. With minor tweeks I get 38fps and major tweeks I get 50fps. This is very playable and probably 3 times the speed of the i810's integrated graphics.