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Hi there,
I'm looking to replace my aging video card whit a not so recent one.
The main thing i'm looking to know is for a video card compatible whit AMD Overdrive program that come whit my Sabertooth 990fx mobo.
I have been looking in many spec on AMD, ASUS, google and diverse forum and have found no reference to card supporting this tool.

My current spec are :
Asus Sabertooth 1st gen 990fx
AMD 8300-fx 8 core
8 gi RAM corsair (1866mhz ) don't remember the full name.
Asus 560 ti Geforce
Revodrive 350 PCIe 240 GB.

I know the Mobo is PCIe 16x 2.0 so I would be looking for card in the next 2 generation. The program I use don't really push the 560ti.

Any advice


Why am I still doing up?
You'd probably want a 1050/1050ti/1060. Or if you need a space heater, a Vega 56/64 :D

Why not use something like msi afterburner to o/c your vid card?


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I already use afterburner, OCing the vid card does nothing for the game I play.
Any of the card suggeted support : AMD Overdrive ?


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I know what it is TY,
AMD Overdrive can monitor video card also.
So again same question ?
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