Video card recommendation



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System as it stands:
Athlon TB 900
75 gig IBM drive
SB live card
256 Mb Ram
Pinnacle DV-500
Creative TNT based graphics
Windows 2000 Pro with SP-1 and Hotfix

I am after a recomendation from anyone who has tried a graphics card, in combination with this video system and MOBO and got good capture, smooth playback with no artifacts, and editing in Premiere works, does not go barmy, or suddenly stop working and drop frames.Which I have not got at the moment with all the tweeking I can find!


All the cards and stuff have the latest drivers and updates.

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Either way your probably going to be limited to a Radeon or Geforce card.

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A Geforce2 Pro would be the best. It has loads of features and doesn't cost much


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I have a 1 ghz athlon on a kt7a raid board. I just upgraded from a voodoo3 to a GeForce 2 mx and I love it. $79 for the card and it blows away my voodoo3.


Although the MX is an awesome card for the money he would do well to get a pro or a gts. They are quite a bit faster than the MX. I am quite inpressed with my little MX though.


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256mb PC133 RAM
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10.2 + 2.6 GB HDD's (The 2.6 I bought for $1.48)
Creative ENSONIC 128 Sound

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Matrox G400.

Not really what you'd call fast anymore but ya can still play all games more than sufficiently, plus ya get to blow ya load every time ya look at your monitor.

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Grab a GeForce2 Pro; that's the "price performance" option right now for general purpose/multimedia speed and compatibility.


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I supose you whant gaming performances, or you prabobly would not change your TNT card.

For games go cheap and buy MX it is best you can get for your mony.

I really like MX card becouse it is praboly BEST solution for everyone in these days, it is stabile, fast, and almoust all problematic issues are solved.

BTW my friend has finly gained score over 5000 (5173) in 3DMARK 2K with old Slot A Athlon Thunderbird @750 on old AMD 750 chipset based MB, and latest 7.58 detonators

If you whant quality and good gaming performances go with Radeon card pick any that you think it would be good to you, just make sure that it hase DDR memory.

For real Geforce 2 stuff I don`t know. If you can find something that does not cost much more then MX, then go for it, but IMO Radeon is better card.

I own Voodoo 5 and I would not recommned you to buy V5, deffinetly not now, not becouse it is bad but it could soon become totaly absolite.