Video card problem



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Hi All,
I've recently upgraded to W2K(clean install). All works well except one thing. I can only run in 1280x1024 mode (any color depth) after driver installation. When I try to change resolutions, I get the message "The display control panel is unable to change the display settings. The graphics driver returned an unexpected error." This happens when I try to change on the fly or reboot. The video card is a ATI xpert2000 using the latest posted W2K drivers. I also tried using a radeon7000 with the drivers on CD and then the downloaded drivers and I get the same error regardless. My system specs are as follows:
M/B Asus CUSL2-C Rev. 1.02 BIOS 1011 Beta 2
Adaptec 29160 controller
Segate X15 Cheetah 18G LVD
Western Digital Enterprise 4.3G SE
256MB Kingston PC133 memory
Windows 2000 Pro SP2
DirectX 8.1

Also, do I need to run the manufacturer's .inf file if I don't see any yellow ? in device manager after running SP2? I tried the .inf that originally came with the M/B then tried it again (after reformatting the HD)with a more recent downloaded version but no difference.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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