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I am in the need of a video card but I have a limited budget for it. I have narrowed it down to either the Matrox G400 Dual Head or Guillemot GeForce2 MX, which are both about the same price. Which one is better for occasional gaming like Q3, Rogue Spear, etc... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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A Geforce2 MX is better for gaming. Watch out for OEM versions though. Guillemot has been selling OEMs that run at lower clock rates than the retail versions. Here's a Quote from over at [H]ard|OCP:

'Be advised that if you purchase the OEM version of this card it is NOT the same spec as the Retail Hercules MX. Hercules is taking steps right now to brand the OEM cards different from the retail to cut down on confusion. The OEM is 166MHz while the Retail is 183MHz. Now to confuse even more of you, the Retail card has 5.5ns Ram while the OEM has 7ns. Technically, 7ns Ram running at 166MHz is OVERCLOCKED. This is a rehash of a letter we showed you guys on Monday, but we have gotten some more response and want to keep you in the know.

Dear Customer,

The OEM version is intended to be sold solely with an entire system package. This card does have 7ns memory and is over clocked to 166 Mhz. The retail version of the card is 5.5ns and not over clocked at a speed of 183 Mhz.

Please keep in mind that your system vendor is responsable for all support on this product included warranty fulfillment.

Marcus Hamaker
Guillemot/Hercules/Thrustmaster Tech Support North America
Technical Support Supervisor

Tel #: 1-877-GUILLEMOT [1-877-484-5536] [[Toll Free]]

When we saw that we certainly forwarded this to Hercules PR and asked for their response. Here is what they had to say:

An answer to your question:

"What about the issue of overclocking the 7ns Ram to 166MHz? "

The OEM version's RAM is branded by Hyundai at 7ns. Hercules has qualified it at 6ns, which matches NVIDIA's 6ns spec for the MX chipset. The RAM is not over clocked if it qualifies at 6ns.'