Video Card Hell!!!

I just purchased a new Creative Labs Savage 4 AGP with 32 megs of ram. It has great 3d gaming in mechwarrior, flight sim, nothing to extreme. But one small problem, the main menu on both games comes up screwy, Mechwarrior it is off half of the screen, and in Flight Sim it is garbled like you have to high a res for my moniter. But both of these problems go away once you get into the game, whats going on? Also in flight sim if I hit Alt+Enter it runs fine in a window. I have downloaded the newest drivers and patches but nothing. HELP.
Chris Svencer


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I don’t know about those particular games, but normally in most of the games (not all) the main menus appear in 640x480 (low bit depth). That could be your problem. Just set the desktop resolution (in windows) to 640x480 and adjust the monitor settings to fit the screen & so on (if you have a digital monitor then the monitor will remember the settings for 640x480 / if you have a monitor with knobs to adjust the size , position….. then set the screen using the software which came with the VGA card) . After that switch to your normal resolution. Afterwards when ever you run the games it should look okey.

I hope this helps


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Question: With prices on the MX line of cards so cheap, why on earth would you get a board with the Savage chipset?!?!?! You better had gotten a hell of a deal on it to justify it...say $15 US.


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go to and get the latest drivers. You'll also need to download and install a new bios in your card. Creative should have one.

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