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Courtesy of digitaldog :

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also there are
Merury (P.S the mercury site is kobia dont ask why but just if you were worried i didnt post the wrong link :D)

both are manufacturers

wait wasnt digitaldog not ment to be doing this? :D
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Found the following in the web for Windows2000,

Video card identification using DEBUG via command prompt...

You can run the following without opening the case to get an idea of the manufacturer and make:

Click Start,
Click Run...,
Type CMD,
Click OK,
In the command prompt,
Type DEBUG and press Enter,

A single dash will appear at which point,
Type DC000:10 and then press Enter, (DC000:50 may also work for newer cards).

You may need to type D at the second dash and press Enter for more of the information to appear.

Click Q to exit...


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Originally posted by Todd a
The best place for 3DFX and Voodoo drivers is here:
Heey Todd, im sorry to say, but Voodoo files is not the best site for drivers. If you look at the site, you'll notice the weird filenames and weird spammie stuff. Thier drivers are mostly out-dated. For old drivers it sure is the best site, but the site's quality has degrated since 3dfx has gone bankrupt. The best site for 3dfx drivers (up to date at least) is .

(just wanted to say this for 3dfx users like me, i don't want to argue which site is best)


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