Video Card Coolers!!!!



If someone would please tell me what is the best
way to remove the OEM cooler on a video card:

1-Sledge Hammer
4-Blow Torch
5-Shotgun/10 Gauge
6-All Of The Above

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You can remove them using willpower alone. I stared at mine for ages and eventually it just dropped off.

Failing that, drill a hole down between the heatsink and the GPU, fill it with water then leave the card in the freezer for a while.

The other method that I have found works well is strapping the board to the front of your car and then driving as fast as you can into a brick wall. The heatsink will fly off.


More # please...


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lol.. As MuFu said you can stick it in the frezer for a bit then take it out and put a flat screw driver or a butter knife between the card and the HS. Make sure to put something like a rag between the card and the knife. Twist it gently and it should pop right off. It always works for me.
Just becareful not to use to much force. If it wont budge on one corner, try another. GoodLuck!

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Just take your video card to the opera and the heatsink will fall asleep. Then when it least expects it, you take pliers and grab it by the balls and tear it off.

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Or you could take it to one of the Cases, Cooling and Overclocking "Intel vs. AMD" flamethreads. That'd have the same effect.


More # please...

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Use a fillet knife or other very sharp very thin knife. A razor blade would work if you had one large enough to get under the heatsink. Simply work the edge of the knife/blade under the edge of the heatsink between it and the corner of the GPU core, and then twist the blade gently to pry the corner loose. Work from all four corners if you can, not prying too hard at any one of them.

Doing this should free the heatsink without using too much force anywhere. Most GPU coolers just have a scattering of thermal epoxy in the center, so it shouldn't be too hard to remove. Just be patient and keep working it loose... better to take 10 minutes and get it off nice and clean than to do it in one four second jerk and remove half the CPU in the process.

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