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Video Capture

I am trying to find a good video capture and video out put card to tv since I am making a video for a english project I was wonder what is good that is both 3d and video capture and editing and was wondering if anyone here knew about the Asus AGP V3400 tnt/tv card and if it was any good and know where the hell to purchase this card or what else is good for video editing for about a 5 - 10 min film thanks


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I have looked at several, but I am looking for input on how any of these cards actually perform. The cards I have narrowed it down too are the:
Fly Video card -
or the
Video Highway Extreme98 -
Hopes this helps they seem to be good cards maybee more than you need.


The best thing for you is the MAtrox MArvel G200. It has excellent 2d, very good 3d, not as fast as voodoo2 or TnT, but very playable. And has built onto it the matrox rainbow runner. Video capture /output, tv to pc/ pc to tv, does full screen 60 fields(30 frames) per sec. comes with avid software for editing. all around a great card. THe only 2d/3d video card with built in vidoe capture editing that is worth a damn.
The considerations for basic editing . 1.frames per sec,
2.resolution 640 x 480(720x480),
3. whether or not is does audio,(most lower end cards use your existing sound card.Not as good as built in sound but much cheaper.


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If any one is interested, i have adobe preimere 4.2 forsale. It is the full version, and it is great. Drop me an E-mail