VFP9 Double click on DBF <filename>.dbf gives message "<filename>.fxp is not an objec



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In Windows Explorer, when I double click on a dbf file (of form <filename>.dbf), instead of opening the file in VFP, I get a message "<filename>.fxp is not an object file".

e.g. clicking on T_DCLNT.DBF, gives message "t_dclnt.fxp is not an object file".

OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Am unsure what to do as Windows 7 no longer has the Edit File Type tab to edit actions associated with a particular extension or file type.


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Perform these actions to resolve this issue

You need to create an environment under which the table is NOT validated when it is opened. This can be achieved by the command -SET TABLEVALIDATE TO 0. Now you can easily open your tables.

These are some “Prevention Steps” to prevent your data from corruption:

Try to put a code in your program that automatically creates a duplicate copy of your tables (columns & rows), index files and databases.
Set-up a back-up routine.
Inform the user to properly shutdown the computer and regularly perform back-up.
Use UPS for power back-up

If you can't resolve the issue, then foxpro database is seriously damaged and you may apply http://www.dbf.openfiletool.com/ DBF Open File Tool