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Ok...I understand electricity...I just want to know about the P2BVE (ASUS) board...---how to change the voltage from 2.0...Where would I attach a multimeter to check the new more explainations into the theory of ohms law...or anything else...just an answer...please!!!!


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Hmmm.. Is this the same 'Soul Apathy' who was slamming Quadzilla about his overclocking success?

Mabey he will see this post and offer some help..

I cannot seem to find the MOBO (P2BVE) you refer to at :

Is this a new model ?

If your MOBO offers CPU voltage manipulation, it should have jumpers
or BIOS settings, and voltage monitoring in the BIOS that lets you check the
settings... other than that, for someone who has...

“a 3-550 w/pc-833 ram/quantum HDD-good for o/c) running at 233 FSB-1281.5 MHz... submerged in a cryo tank (operating at Absolute zero (-459.67 F ) operation at those temps...gets a little hard to put Cd's in the tray,
though...they always ice up & shatter...darnitt..any ideas? oh yeah..everything else is really
brittle, too...oh well...details...”

...I cannot imagine that they could not look at the tracings on a circuit board, pick out the
ones they need and alter them to suit their needs...

I believe you are way ahead of the help available at this message board..


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Hey kids!! The word for the day is:

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thanks for the information (..I was just saying that simply because of the lovely comment he made about the other guy's overclocking, as compared to his....Actually I have a P3-550 (115FSB)-633MHz stable.It will not go above that...I think it needs a small voltage boost...