Vantec VA4-C7040 vs. Volcano 11



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Im thinking about upgrading my 'puter and need some advice! I'm gonna buy an Abit NF7-S and either a 2500+ Barton or 2600+ 333mhz CPU, and the advice I need is the fan.. Should I get the Vantec VA4-C7040, which I've heard is quiet and good power or the new Thermaltake Volcano 11 with the adjustable bracket thingy? :confused:

You can see these from the site I was thinking of buying them from. eXcaliberPC fans

So far, the Vantec seems the best in terms of cooling and noise, but anyone have experience with the Volcano 11?

Also, should I get the Abit NF7-S or the Asus A7N8X-Deluxe?
The Barton 2500+ or the 2600+ 333mhz.. :confused:

Also, what do people think of OCZ ram? I can get a 512mb PC2700 Cas 2.0 1T stick for $70 at their site.. Of course, Im gonna get two 512mb sticks for the dual channel ram.. Yeah buddy! 1 gig of ram should be enough for a while.. :)


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i'm not sure about the volcano 11, but i assume thermaltake is using to replace their current top preformer the volcano 7+. so it would probably be better then that, how much better.. not sure, as i think this heatsink has just recently been released.

i personally was looking into vantec's VA4-C7040 and thought it was really sweet :).. from what i've seen it performs similarly to a volcano 7+ and is a lot quieter.

so depending on how much better the 11 is compared to the 7+, then i'd take the 11 over the VA4-C7040. but i think that the VA4-C7040 would make less noise. it's a trade off.. less noise for cooler temps. assuming what i say is true of course ;)


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I have the Volcano 9, and it is great, the Volcano 11 actually doesn't move any more air than mine, but there may be differant features added into it. Not sure though, but my vote is for the Volcano 9 or 11, whichever you want. Now the thing about the Volcano 9 is it's loud, but that can be changed easily.

I really like my ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, would not trade it for the world, nice features, and good Bios updates as well.

And as far as the Barton chips go, the differance there is really the Performance Obviously, but more importantly what you are willing and able to pay. If I had the money I'd go for the 2600+
more MHz is always good, and these chips are suppose to Overclock awsome. I'll be getting one in October, along with various other items.

good luck "Stuff" and all these products are great. just your opinion.


Review of the Vantec VA4-C7040 AeroFlow at the following, LINK.

Noise level appears to be good due to the use of YS Tech's TMD (Tip-Magnetic Driving) fan.