V6800 Deluxe Query



I've got me a ASUS V6800 Deluxe.
Just installed it... updated the drivers to lastest release form ASUS (not beta) and flashed the bios.

Rollcage and Draken came with it and they look sweet.. but good old Halflife and UT exhibit bugger all frame rate difference from my old Powercolor TNT2-M64 piece.

UT gives under average under 30FPS in 1024x768x32

Counterstrike gives me around the same

I'm aware that processor speed and chipsets come into play here so I'll post my specs

AMD K6-2 450 (not overclocked)
192 SDRAM (PC100)
ASUS v6800 Deluxe
Gigabyte GA-5AX mobo
Ali Aladdin V chipset

I'm running the latest AGP drivers and its set for 2x AGP

I'm aware that my mobo is shite but I can't find a better one.

Please tell me its just halflife or UT not taking advantage of the T&L chip or something because this pisses me off!

All pointers appeciated


Additional note:

I've got the link to the GeForce FAQ and have noted that I think my power supply is 200W... anyone know if it really makes a difference??


Silent & Cool.....
Power supply will only affect stability. I found that the 4.13 UT patch gives the best performance so far, and make sure you are running in D3D.

Your CPU won't be helping the situation in the resolution you are running. Also I could never get acceptable UT performance with my Geforce 1 on this system:-

PIII 700 @ 988
Abit BF6
256 MB Mushkin PC133
Creative Annihilator Pro