v3800 riva tnt2 ultra deluxe problem



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I installed V3800 RIVA TNT2 ULTRA DELUXE card. when I start drirect3d games and sound forge4.5. after a few minites later, they are crashed and hung up, sound looping.
what is wrong? can I Fix?
my equipments: windows98. motherboard: via-503+ . cpu:amd k6-2 450mhz. memory:64mb scsi: aha-2940uw. soundblaster awe64 gold. roland super mpu

Todd a

Todd a

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I put a new K6-2 450 in my system (Voodoo3 2000 @160mhz, 96MB PC-66, VA-503+, CL PCI128) and had some similar problems with in Descent 3 and had system instabilities (mostly in 3D games). I clocked my cpu to 400 and it fixed all the problems. So I did what over clockers do, I bumped the voltage up to 2.3v. Runs perfectly stable now.

I get:
Descent at 800x600 48fps
Q2 demo1 at 1024x768 74fps
Q3 with texture 3, 16bit, high sound, Dynamic lighting, high sky, and low geomitry at 1024x768 41fps.
UT is limited by the number of opponents more than the graphics settings. 2=48, 4=40, 6=35, 8=32, 16=24 at 1024x768, 16 bit, high texture and skinsand detail textures.