V3 3000 to a G-Force DDR?



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As most of the people here seem to be doing, I'm pondering an upgrade, either to the new V5 5500 or the current GeForce DDR.
Can anyone recommend one of these cards. I've always had 3dfx, as I do like the option of running all 3 major api's. Will the new vodoo5 have "true" AGP this time-around?

I will be looking for solid improvements over my current card. For example, contrary to most of the feeling on this board, I see little difference between my Voodoo card and my brother's TNT2 Ultra on very similar computers; in Nocturne (the game always exemplified in being the justification for a TNT2 upgrade), I only noticed the lack of a few special effects and that Svetlana's hair was reddish instead of black). If I listened to the reviewers, I would have ripped out my V3 and bought a TNT2, and I know I, at least (the qualifier), would have seen little difference.
Perhaps neither the new V5 nor the GeForce will offer substantial improvement over the V3, and I should await the next round?


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I upgraded from a V3 to a Ge-force DDR. The improvement was phenominal. Lets face it our V3 has glide but it doesnt have DXTC support, 32bit color, T and L, Large texture size support, 32 mb's of memory Quad pipeline need i go on.

I would recomend you do so too, after all you can wait for the V5, but then nVidia will announce something else and you'll say maybe a bit longer.

If you have a need for an upgrade then buy whatever is best and best priced.


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I dont even know why you are asking that question, the GeForce is ten times better than the V3 3000. There really isnt any competition. I would go with the GeForce DDR, dont get the V5-5500, there will be no T&L.


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The reason why I am asking is explained in my first post. I had heard lots about how better the TNT2 Ultra (5x, 10x, etc, etc) was compared to the Voodoo3. Although my eyes could detect small differences in Nocturne, they weren't enough to motivate me to choose the TNT2 U over the V3. I simply don't wish to drop $449 CDN on a GeForce if there will only be a small difference in the current (and near future) games. Moreover, my V3 was much better with UnReal and its ilk (e.g. Wheel of Time) not surprising since Glide was the original API for that engine.
Thanks, Mr. Skywalker, perhaps I will try one out at the store. I agree with you that there is always a card ready to "blow away" the current one in 3 months.
Another question, are most of the games in the last 2 years able to do 32-bit? Does the game have to be programmed to do that, or does the card just have to have the ability?



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Most games dont have native 32 bit support, except for the most recent ones, i.e. Nocturne, UT, Quake3 and a few others like AVP. Quake2 and like Kingpin will play in 32 bit if your desktop is set to that, but they dont have native 32 bit textures, so you cant really tell the difference.

Any TNT has way better color than a Voodoo3 even in 16 bit, I have noticed this since I have had both, I had a V3 2000, a TNT2 and now an Asus Geforce.

unless your brother was playing nocturne in 16 bit on his TNT Ultra, you should notice an unbelievable difference on Nocturne. the V3 makes Nocturne look like complete shit, it can only run it in 16 bit, and with a Geforce you can run it 32 bit. I have nocturne running in 1280x1024 32 bit color with minimal slowdown. I dont know what your seeing but the TNT series just blows the V3 away when it comes to graphics in Nocturne.

I agree with all the problems UT has with Direct3d yeah the V3 is better, but take Quake3 the V3 cant play this worth a beans, and remember I had one on a 550 machine with 128 megs of ram. I had it overclocked to about 185 and Quake3 still ran like crap. All of this because 3dfx still hasnt gotten things working right with their opengl drivers.

right now I would pick the Geforce over anything else, especially the DDR Geforce, to play Quake3 at 1600x1200 at above 30 fps is wonderfull. Plus since most of the newer games coming out are going to use Hardware T&L I would grab a DDR Geforce for that also, The soldier of fortune demo that was just released takes full advantage of Hardware T&L, unlike Quake3 which only does it because opengl does, its not fully optimized. Plus Messiah is going to use full Hardware T&L and those are 2 great games that IM going to have to have.

Cant say enough how happy I am to have upgraded from that crappy V3, just wasnt cutting it anymore for the current and future batch of games coming out.