V3 3000 blank screen problem



I'm having some problems with my Voodoo3 3000 AGP. I'm using the Win9x 1.04.00 retail-drivers, my motherboard is a MSI BX Master and my CPU is a Celeron II 600.
When I'm starting up Windows98, I'm getting a blank screen which shows up for a few seconds just after the the Windows-logo has disappeared.
I think this is mentioned in 3dfx's FAQ-list, but it says it only happens when using some Socket7 boards, and mine is Slot1.
So, how do I get rid of the blank screen?


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Just thoughts:
Could be AGP related problem->go down to AGP1x (BIOS setup) or change AGP aperture size, and see what happens.
Since when does the problem occur, what did you change just before?
Latest DirectX?
Latest chipset drivers?
Does your system boot up showing a blank screen or does it hang?

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Im running my V3 3000 AGP on an Asus P2B-F(i440BX) and I also get that blank screen just before going into Windows. I think this shouldn't be a cause for alarm as everything is fine after that.


I can't switch between 1x/2x in my BIOS.
The problem occured when I installed the drivers (tried different drivers, no difference).
Don't know about the chipset drivers, I'll better check them out
The system doesn't hang, but if I overclock my CPU, it just stops here. CTRL-ALT-DEL still works, so no total hang-up, if you see what I mean.