V3-2000 upgrade question



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My system: AMD K6-2 300(100MHz Bus), FIC 503+, 64MB Ram, STB Nitro 3D(4MB), CL V2(12MB).
I'm thinking of replacing my old video cards with a STB V3 2000 AGP (oem $84). I just can't find a CL v2 at a good price. Just wanted to know what kind of performance will I see with the V3 2000. Games I will be playing are Nascar RAcing 1999, Half-Life, and Quake.



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the performance should be of about a v2 sli , but (maybe slightly slower) cause of the system.

a wise man once stated, "a man whose thoughts are of 22-bit, will think equally clear and precise if not faster, than a man who must sacrifice speed and precision over clarity at 32-bit."


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ur voodoo 2 and that 4mb thing is good enough for now probably. good till the end of this year and then get a new voodoo4 or something- if they make one