V3 2000 Problem!



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Okay got much of problem here. Trying to play shogo and blood2, in shogo cant play right in any resolution, the game seems to skip periodically and the mouse is way to smooth, when you turn you kind of keep going, might be choppyness dont know. Blood2 cant play above 1024x768 get the same problem as shogo. Also have a problem with redline at above 1024x768 also the whole game flickers, if anyone has any info on this please let me know!

Chaz (Vidfreek)


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That's what happens when you try to play too many games on that machine. Its just too much for it. j/j

No clue dude, look for a patch



Interesting, I know with a game I have (delta force) I get a vxd vmm error sometimes but with my others no problems. I also get those vxd errors with forsaken. I am curious what are your settings at (not just video resolution)in shogo and blood2? If I have my vid resolution set to 512x400 (i beleive thats it) in delta force, my gameplay is much smoother. the max resolution is 640x480 max anyways in delta force. It is also a software rendered game. Anyways at 800x600 does those games run smoother?



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well shogo I have nothing on except the high settings in the video options menu, there are advanced settings for certain 3d cards but I dont use them, this stupid thing just wont play in any res. Blood2 really isnt a problem cause I can play in 1024x768 without a problem, just cant understand why it cant go higher, I can play freakin unreal in 1280x1024 and it runs perfect, dont understand it, but I have the same settings as shogo, AND THEY EVEN USE THE SAME LITHTECH ENGINE!!!!!!!