UTb and V-Synch Curiosity



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Is there a way to disable vsynch in DirectX mode or is that rather futile? For example, a command that will disable Vsynch? I am curious to see what i get without it on.


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You can disable v-sync in UT from the console when you type preferences. Go to renderer (i think, flying blind here) and choose direct3d settings. There will be a v-sync option. Just choose no/false.

Is that what you are asking?


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First of all, some cards provide software controls to do this, either in a centralized fashion, or per game. In some cases this is the ONLY way to set it. (E.g., a Viper II cheerfully overrides any requests from a program to enable/disable v-sync. You can only set it from display properties. And I have a feeling it's not the only card that does that.)

Second, many games have their own settings for that. E.g., in Unreal Tournament open the console and type "preferences". Then open the "Rendering" branch and work your way from there.

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