UT2003 Patch Out.

Captain Amazing

Captain Amazing

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Great links...

Unfortunately they won't resolve by biggest 'bug' in UT2003...


I hate the 'lightning-pooh-gun'



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Have you tried playing on any Instagib servers Captain?

The instagib weapon is a shock rifle. Secondary fire is zoom. It's a tasty sniper gun...but only available in instagib. In regular game-modes the secondary fire for the shock rifle is an energy blob.

Rip n Tear

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There is also a MOD you can download from www.planetunreal.com which allows you to use the weapons from UT'99.
Something to look at, considering alot of people feel the same way.
I think some weapons suck, and some are cool. Mostly the ones form the first game are cool.
I also like the rocket launcher tweaks, I use the secondary alot more now.
and the flak cannon is still the best.
Captain Amazing

Captain Amazing

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Alas...I am waiting for my personal uni web link renewal. I was slow getting it set up so for this academic year so I have only been playing the game for a couple of days in single player to get used to it/complete it. When I have my link up (to the fast uni system :D) I will try them out.


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I finished the game the 2 weeks after I got it! :D

I knew those little bugs could have been solved by a Patch!

...still an excellent game w/w out Patch.