UT problems with (Guillemot GeForce DDR)



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I just purchased all new parts for my computer.

Abit KA7-100 motherboard
Athlon 750 processor
128 MB RAM (133 MHz)
SB-Live Value
Guillemot GeForce 256 DDR
20.5 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
3Com Ethernet Card
I also have a Creative DXr3 decoder for my DVD

I finished installing everything and thought that I worked out all of the kinks. Then I tried playing Unreal Tournament, which should run very smoothly on this system I thought, but when I played single player it was like I had lag. Every 30 seconds or so the screen would pause, and then go back to normal (sort of like lag in internet play). If it was my old system I would think nothing of it, but I thought that it would run like silk on this one. Can anyone help out? I'd much appreciate it.

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It ain't the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI. I'm using the Hercules 5.22 drivers and the UT 4.13 patch and have no problems. If you're using them, it's a mobo issue. Maybe one of those VIA/Athlon issues.

I'm running a BX mobo and have the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI O/C'ed to 160/350 with the CPU running at 970 MHz. With UT set at 1024x768 at 32-bit color, I'm averaging fps in the mid to upper 70's with no lag.


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There is a new 4.28 patch

but it sounds like a background app that is causing the hic-up. try Ctrl-Alt-Delete and end task on the background apps one by one to see if any are causing this. Don't end task on Explorer, systray or any AGP driver though. A hardware monitor program like MBM can cause this symptom when it updates itself.

The D3D in UT engine is Ok now although not to Q3 engine levels it runs acceptably on a GTS. Wish Ion Storm would do the same with Deus Ex.


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