Using the TV to view movies from the PC problems...?



Vlad The Impaler
I have a 32" TV and it is 16:9, and I have a 4:3 19" monitor all running on a PNY nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB. The trouble is that the computer and TV are on opposite sides of the same wall by necessity. I want full use of the TV screen and it's resolution without losing the optimal resolution on the monitor, but I am just not sure there is any way to accomplish this since I cannot span the desktop. I would have to have a sort of a clone setup because if not then my mouse just goes around the corner to the opposite side of the wall where I can't see the cursor.

It is a perplexing problem for me; I have a Dell 16:10 19" monitor that I can cheat a clone on by making my computer resolution slightly elongated vertically. This would just be too radical using my standard shaped monitor, but it is a bigger better monitor than the Dell, so I prefer to use it. Except for TVs I have never been a huge fan of widescreen anyway.

I can just use two different profiles both as clone, depending on what I am doing perhaps, but the resolution choices are also very limited for 4:3 setups these days as it is, so it is not as easy as it is with 16:10 and 16:9 of the Dell monitor and TV respectively.

Any ideas would be appreciated!