Using old HDD in new motherboard



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I'm replacing my motherboard.

I have a HDD which holds XP (which was installed while on my old motherboard) and my work. I want to do a fresh install of Windows on a new SATA II drive, copy the work off the old drive that has the old XP installation onto the new HDD and then format it. Is it possible to plug in a hdd that's been formatted while on another mainboard as long as I'm not using it for booting from?

Did that make any sence?


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Absolutely. Just rejumper the drive as a Slave instead of Master and connect it on the other plug on the IDE cable. If the old drive is SATA, I'll defer to the sata-experienced.

Once you have it in as a slave, you can just copy and paste over. To simplify the install, leave the old drive out until it's done so the computer won't try to boot from it.


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You should be able to set off which drive to boot first in the BIOS, whether it is SATA or not.