Using both inputs on a LCD monitor



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I want to have both analog and digital cables connected to my LCD display. I have the Sapphire/ATI 9100 card (former 8500LE).
If I connect both only the analog works. The digital doesn't show. If I disconect the anaglog and connect the digital it's fine. Then when I re-connect the anaglog I can switch back and forth between the 2 inputs (anf yes there is a difgference).
If I do a restart all is ok, BUT, if I shutdown and power back up I' back to square one, only the anaglog.

Any ideas? I can't find anything in ATI's control panel.
BTW, the driver is 7.9 (the latest I believe anyways, it's hard to keep ATI's numbers straight).

I'm running 2k
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It is unlikely that ATi designed for this unforeseen use of hardware! Why do you want both anyway? Just to do an AB comparison to show that digital is better? I'm baffled. :confused:



rm -rf /
The only reason I could see is for multiple desktops, and they make software for that already.