Using a Compaq modem in another PC


dirty tech

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I have a Compaq that I am parting out here and I am trying to use the modem in my other
PC. Plug and play doesn't detect it at all in my other PC but in the compaq it comes up
"UNKNOWN DEVICE". I can add it in add new hardware but it doesn't work properly.

I am really broke so I would prefer to get it to work rather than go out and buy one.

The modem needs to be caller ID compatible as well and I have bought a lot of crap out there that doesn't do too well with caller ID.



Seeing Mole
Is it an ISA or PCI modem?

You could try to go to Compaq's web site and search for drivers for your Compaq model. Download the modem drivers and just install it on the new computer.

If it's PCI, it's probably based on the Lucent chipset and you can use a generic driver downloadable directly from Lucent.

dirty tech

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thanks for the response.

It is an ISA card.

I have the drivers but it still won't work on this PC.

I just got an e-mail back from someone else
who I saw was having the same trouble.

His text is as follows

I never did get that Compaq modem to work. I found on one of their websites some statement that actually said that it was a proprietary modem and would only work in Compaq's--perhaps screwing up your system if you removed it. I would just leave it in the computer and install a new modem in another slot. I think that slot is only good for the Compaq modem. If you removed it and your computer still works fine, don't worry about it. The bottom line is...that was a poor way for Compaq to design that system and the modem isnt good for anything else. Its a waste.