USB port & YM



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Hi guys,
i'm facing 2 problem & need some help from you.
1. This, there are some PCs that allow to use the usb flash disk. All i want is : people have to use the internal f.disk not their own f.disk. So, is there any software that can recognize specific flash disk & of course, it will block all of the uncategorized flash disk.
I already try USB Block, but this is not what i meant.

2. How to block YM from computer using IP address
i just want to give permissions to the users that using YM with a certain IP. Once when they're in the middle of the meeting, the users get a Dynamic IP. I have specific the dynamic IP and i want to block that IP address to prevent users using YM
Currently, i'm using Mikrotik. I've tried to block these port : 5050,5001,5051,5061 & 5151, but it's all useless.

Need some help.
Thank you


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back to this topic,
i'm done with point no.2.
Currently i'm combine to block the port (5050) & using regexp in my firewall. So far, the users unable to login in YM
I'm still need help with point no.1. Do you guys, can help me on this?
Appreciate with any help.



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I think what you need is a solid USB security software. I have a small business with a 15 member team. I use a security software from CopyNotify that helps me solve both the problems that you have mentioned in your comment. For point no 1, I think you should visit their website for a value for money software.


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Well, i have to contact the website right now.
Thank u for your info, Valdez.
I'll let u know once when i got the answer.