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Hello, I just got back from a "network party". Me and about 7 of my friends all have networked computers and we play about once a month. Anyways i brought up the topic of a USB network and nobody else seemed to have heard anything about it. What have you heard about it? Would it be faster then out current 100mbs? It should be much more conveniant. I mean we usually spend the first hour setting up the one idiot who took out his card instead of just disabling it. :) heheh anyways..what do you guys think about it?


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I don't think it'd work. What point is there anyway? Proper network is probably faster (can't remember the bandwidth of USB off the top of my head, it's faster than serial but not that fast)

Advice: Next time, don't invite the idiot


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Actually they have USB to ethernet adapters. However when tested, they're significantly slower that "true" ethernet. I think conventional 10Mb ethernet tested at like 9.2Mb and USB was more or so from 3-5Mb. I'm stalling right now trying to remember what page I read it at.....................................................
Ah it's either, or If I find it again, I'll post it here. But yeah it's possible, just slower.