USB hardware problems



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I have a PIII 650MHz Acer laptop running XP. 2 months ago I was able to use my USB cd-burner and printer without a problem. My computer crashed and I had to reinstall XP. Now I can't use my burner. When I turn it on, windows hangs for ~2 minutes then "unfreezes", during which the mouse will jump around every so often. When printing more than one page, the printer will print a line, freeze for ~30 sec, print another line, freeze, etc., but it will eventually print, during which the computer hangs. I reinstalled windows but I still have the USB hub either. I also have the same problem using a PCMCIA card and hooking up through that. The symptoms point to IRQ settings from what I've read, but from what I understand, there's no way of changing them (especially with a laptop). Everything used to work fine without any problems, but now I cannot seem to resolve this issue. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.