USB camera causes WIndows protection error



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Well...I finally got my system upgraded to an Athlon 600 on the Biostar Mobo with the AMD chipset, upgraded the O/S to WIN98SE, and everything works great...until I plug in my UC-300 web camera. I go through the driver installation, reboot, and get the Windows Protection Error. The only way to get rid of the error is to boot into safe mode, remove the camera, uninstall the drivers, and reboot into normal mode. Other than that, everything works fine. No conflicts of any kind that I can find during the safe-mode adventures, and no conflicts in normal mode without the camera installed. Anyone have any ideas?

Athlon 600
Biostar M7MKXAM Mobo
17.2GB HDD
10GB DittoMax Tape Drive
Annihilator Pro Video Card
PCI512 Sound Card
128MB Memory

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I did install the drivers before I plugged in the camera...still no joy. I guess it's just one of those WIN98SE USB ghosts...

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.