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I currently own an amd k6-2 350 with 64 mbs of ram and god only knows what kind of mobo and I was interested in upgrading to a celery. These questions will help me determine important things because I am on a very very very tight budget.
1. Is it worth buying a celeron 500 mhz over a celery 466? the price difference is around 70 dollars and is the extra performance worth it.
2. Can I remove the 64 mbs of pc100 ram in my computer now and add it to my new celeron mobo?
3. How do you determine the form factor of your computer? i have a microtower if that helps.
4. Is there a really good not to expensive motherboard out there? I don't need 5 pci slots and I hate "glued" on components.
5. I know I should know this but could someone clearly explain the differences between oem and retail products? I only ask because oem software is like shareware or limited versions of things, but oem products are always cheaper.
6. Will I see a big difference between a voodoo 3 2000 and a voodoo 3 3000?
7. And last but not least does it pay to purchase a k6-2 or k6-3 500 and just plug it into my current mobo?
thx to anyone who answers these questions, I really want to know the answers.


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To answer #7 ...if your M/B supports such a CPU upgrade , the answer would be yes....go to www.pcnut.com and buy a Celeron 366 that's guar'teed to go 550 mhz ( I've got one ) use a ABIT M/B ...BH-6 ..BX-6...BE-6...they have "combos" available....yes you can use your PC-100 ram....OEM is " original equipment mfg."....that's what PC builders use , they don't need the manuals or warranty or all the "fluff" ( demo games ..etc..) or the packaging....retail has all that..for the general public...and the last question...you will not see a big difference between the 2 V3's...the 2000 comes in PCI or AGP and the 3000 is AGP only..it all depends on how intensive you get with your graphics...hope that helps...


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as for the voodoo's there's sure a difference between 3 million triangles /sec and 6 million triangles / sec... i mean, i went from a V2 1000 PCI (12mb) to a V3 3500 (agp) and now my 3DMark score is higher than my CPUmark score... great for qtest3a and unreal... depends on how much you're into gaming.

as for the cpu upgrade, the choice is up to you, if your current setup does all of the things you need, then it's fine... i personally am getting to the point where i think my p2 400 w/ 384mb pc100 ram is getting slow (i've had it for a year), so i think i'm going to wait until the copper athlons come out and bundle whatever the top speed (prolly 1ghz or so) w/ 512mb PC133 (or 150, or whatever)... just depends on what you use it for, i mean, i do a lot of photoshop, bryce, and compiling, so i need the speed, but i don't have the bill to fund a major overhaul (i just redid my entire video/sound, so i'm outa cash for a while).

as for the form factor of your pc, i'm not real sure about this, but it's prolly either a baby AT or an ATX, usually if you go to a mobo manuf.'s site, they'll have dimension, just stick a tape measure inside yer box (computer box, that is
) and figure out what the size is.

on the ram Q, SDRAM is SDRAM is SDRAM, they all have 168 pins, just make sure that all your DIMMs are the same size, or your BIOS will freak out.

OEM products are bare bones, usually without software... let's take Soundblaster Live! (Trademarks and all that crap). You've got Soundblaster Live! the full version, which comes with a bunch of useless (IMHO) software and a hefty pricetag. Then there's the Value edition, which comes with some stuff and a couple of manuals on how to put it together and a pretty low price tag. And finally, you've got the OEM version, which doesn't usually come with manuals, just FCC spec crap (cause they think your a PC manuf. so it's not like you need the freakin' manuals) and a rock bottom price tag. My advice in this arena, if you know what you're doing (nothing really in the computer hardware forum is THAT hard, just make sure you do it RIGHT!) then OEM is the way to go, yeah, also i'm a cheap mofo

Anyways, good luck. If you've got any more Q's, just post 'em!

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buddy, buddy, go with a celeron, they run my machine nice and i didnt pay alot for my cpu whatsoever, i have a 433, but i always keep it idleing at 450. and if i want i can buy a p3 600 in the future and not have to upgrade motherboards.


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I agree with TNproud2b. The cheapest upgrade would be a K6-2 450/475 (or a K6-3 - they aren't much more). Add another 64MB or 128MB PC100 MB DIMM, and an OEM Voodoo3 3000 (assuming you have an AGP slot).
This should boost the performance of your computer and keep you happy for another 18 months until you can afford to put together a stonkingly super fast new computer!
That little lot should cost you around $250 (probably less) if you shop around, or go to a computer fair. Have fun!

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