Upgrade to what ?



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I know enough about computers to get myself in trouble, and I'm looking for trouble. I'm going to upgrade my 486 to Pentium II and am confused (by the mass of information available) about which motherboard and processors to purchase. Is there a website that matches these so that I can be sure they are compatible with each other and rates these so that I can be sure I pay the right price for the right hardware? I'm not interested in Intel if I don't have to - Intel is too expensive. Can anyone give me a boost here ?


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Yo mhill, check this out... Any mobo (motherboard) that is slot one is for PII..I recommend the Abit BH6...It is a great mobo..and the runner up is the asus P2B-LS, because it has on board scsi, and ethernet..Bonus!!!!
I recommend scsi+you ca network the two for $20 again Bonus, If you are building a system do tons of research.... were here ask... Then get a canopus spectre 2500, and a monster sound mx300, a scsi cd-r (because you deserve it), 9 gig scsi hard drive, a scsi dvd drive, A cool maxx full tower...and a 19inch big bad screen(i didn't say 21, because your not made of money, geesh) and I almost forgot 128 mb of ram, dual voodoo 2's sli, and a case of no doze, because with this crazy setup, you won't be sleeping......
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