Upgrade path for old X58 motherboard



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Currently running dual radeon 6870's (1 gig memory on each) on my Sabertooth X58 board. 5916 x 1080 is my screen resolution. I mostly play EvE online, which sadly does not use 2 graphics cards and I dual box the game so I'm having some issues. So I'm considering a newer single graphics card with more memory that will still enable me to run 3 monitors and hopefully offer an improvement to what essentially is a single running 6870.

My concern is paying too much for a card that might be gimped by the limitations of my 3 year old x58 board. So I'm looking for the best card I can get for this X58 board without paying for performance I can't use (because of any bottlenecks etc).

Any recommendations?

Thanks very much.

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