Unwanted partitions...



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I have a 3.2G Hard Drive that has been partitioned. I want to go back to just a C: drive. How do I do this??


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There are 12341234 ways you can accomplish your goal:

1) Back-up all your data from each drive, use FDISK, delete the old partitions, make 1 big one, and restore the data to 1 drive.

2) Move all your data from all your patitions to your first one, and use software like Partition Magic ( http://www.powerquest.com/ ) to expand/shrink and remove your partitions accordingly.

3) Or, if you don't care if you get rid of all the data on your HD, use fdisk to make one partition and format it.

This task is quite tricky, and you should only try it if you know what you're doing. If you can, BACKUP YOUR DATA!!!